K Matters – Advancing Careers through Professional Growth & Development

At K Matters Dialysis and Diagnostic Center, we pride ourselves in giving opportunities for professional growth and career advancement of our well-loved staff.  We empower them by providing sponsorship to continued professional development (CPD) and continued medical education (CME) activities that enhance their skills and update their knowledge in their respective fields.  Here are some inspiring stories of success in our professional growth programs.

Meet Rach27604619_10214730584440304_2051212975_oelle Pescasio.  Rachelle joined KMatters in April 2015 as admitting staff.  She took up training as a 2D Echo sonologist which gave her the opportunity to earn professional fees as a sonologist on top of her monthly wages.  Due to consistent, very satisfactory work performance and leadership potential she was designated officer-in-charge of KMatters – Taguig Branch and officially promoted to Clinic Manager in March 2018.







Meet Rachelle Palomo.  She started out at KMatters as our medical technologist in March 2015.  To expand our laboratory services, Rachelle was sponsored to attend Drug Analyst training in Cebu City in February 2016.  Since then she has spearheaded the Drug Testing services in KMatters Taguig Branch and won numerous citations for excellent work performance.  In March 2018, she was promoted as Chief Medical Technologist.




Meet Arnelli Estellero.  Nelli joined KMatters as marketing staff in June 2015.  She was trained in website design in Sept 2016.  She now helps develop and maintain the official website of KMatters www.kmattersdialysis.com .  In addition to marketing, Nelli has expanded her skills set to include finance work.  Her diligence and willingness to learn new skills has given her career multi-faceted growth and development.  She was officially designated as Marketing and Finance Specialist in March 2018.



Meet Malvin Lanestosa, Carol Joy Lerios, and Marinela De Leon.  Malvin, Joy and Ela are the recipients of the KMatters Renal Nursing Apprentice Program (RNAP).  RNAP gives opportunities to nurses who are interested in a career in renal nursing to avail of sponsored dialysis training with allowances and guaranteed gainful employment with KMatters after successful completion of training.  Malvin and Joy are currently working as hemodialysis nurses at KMatters – Taguig while Ela is a hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis nurse at KMatters – Dasmarinas.  KMatters nurses are trained to be well-rounded healthcare providers, focusing on dialysis treatment as well as patient education and empowerment.



Meet Jayciendric Mantiza, Andrew Lacra, Rufino Pilotin Jr and Peter Magadan Jr.  After a period of exposure to dialysis technician duties, they were sponsored to undergo formal training as Dialysis Technicians and received certificates of training duly recognized by the Department of Health.  Now, armed with knowledge and skills, they serve as the backbone of professional dialysis technicians of KMattters.



KMatters is more than just a business and place of work, it is a family!  We value our employees, and continuously seek ways to help them grow professionally.  We want them to reach their goals and dreams, and through their dedication and diligence KMatters reaches its goals as well.







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