Dialysis AKsess Care Day

Our shoutout for 2018,   MAY K SA SERBISYO, embodies K MATTERS TAGUIG DIALYSIS AND DIAGNOSTIC CENTER. And, this year we are celebrating our FIFTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY  with SERVICE IN OUR HEARTS. Our anniversary activities are geared towards wholistic service and empowerment to our patients, our clients, and to our community. They are a mix of  regular patient-oriented activities that we have already been holding, and new ones too, all in the name of SERVICE.


Organized by all of our hemodialysis nurses and held last August 27, dialysis access care day was a mixture of activities aimed to demonstrate to dialysis patients how to do self evaluation and self care of their access, with a lecture delivered by one of our nurses.

This is a regular activity we hold every 3 months. After all, patient education equates to patient empowerment. Thank you nurses! Thank you to participant  patients!

Wholistic care at a patient’s convenience,  dialysis services of any modality for any dialysis patient, patient education and empowerment, and community service. All in all, a meaningful 5th year anniversary celebration for K Matters Taguig Dialysis and Diagnostic Center. Because at K Matters, service starts with a K.

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